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No Fee Apartments NYC

What does NYC no fee apartments mean? No fee apartments in NYC means that the tenant will not be charged a broker fee to rent an apartment. Finding an apartment rental in New York City is not as easy as finding an apartment for rent in other cities like Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Washington, Sacramento or any other city for that matter. Although many owners of NYC apartments have leasing agents that don't charge a fee, they are tough to find and most apartments are rented with the help a broker.

Before SkipBrokers came in 2005, it was extremely difficult to find no fee apartments in Manhattan anywhere online. Every listing on Craigslist would ultimately lead apartment hunters right to a broker's front door where an average broker fee is 15%-20% of the annual rent. Broker fees are paid by the tenant and due at lease signing along with a security deposit (1 or 2 month rent) and the first month's rent. SkipBrokers helps you search for affordable and no fee luxury apartments in NYC so that you can skip the broker and find apartments to rent directly. SkipBrokers.com started in New York and is now in every major city across the United States. The founder of SkipBrokers.com has pledged to give back by randomly contacting visitors on SkipBrokers and paying their rent for them. The more people who use SkipBrokers to search for apartments, the more SkipBrokers is able to give back to the community during these uncertain economic times.